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Personal Life Coaching

By securing a Life Coach, you are taking the first step in obtaining the personal and professional life you desire. A Life Coach is truthful about the challenges that you need to overcome and hold you accountable in the process.  With support and encouragement, you will identify new solutions to specific problems. In learning about your life history, hopes, and dreams, the Life Coach then offers guidance in setting goals to find the most plausible path to get there.

Life Success Coaching

If you are ready to work towards a better you, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and a greater self-awareness. It is possible to overcome insecurities and barriers to lead a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Rebuilding Coaching

If someonet has just gone through a divorce, a broken relationship, or a negative job departure, rebuilding is essential. Support and encouragement are part of the coaching process to build a future of success in personal and professional goals

Relationship Coaching

If your relationships with friends and family or your significant other are challenging, encouragement and support are available. For those planning to marry, seeking help in romance, or hoping for less stress with family, sign-up today..

Spiritual Life Coaching

If it is important to a client to incorporate faith into the life coaching process, this is definitely a possiblity. When considering your life goals and your desired future, faith values and practices play a huge part. Setting goals for the future, depending on your faith beliefs, would complement to assist in reaching full potential

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaches serve as results-oriented mentors who help clients develop important life skills, set goals, and ultimately change their lives for the better. Clients will receive support and encouragement to overcome hurdles along the way. During the life coaching process, clients receive an objective perspective in response to articulating hopes and dreams. Guidance is offered to assist clients in taking their personal and professional endeavors to the next level. Motivation and accountability are key for the client to do the necessary work required to achieve their goals. Life coaches help support for those going through major life crises and also assist those seeking healthier relationships and a better self-understanding.  

Who Is Coaching For?

Clients seek out life coaches when they decide to make changes in the direction of their lives. A client needs to be ready to invest time and energy into doing the necessary work in articulating and achieving goals. Individuals in the life coaching process need to be willing to share their life stories and to be open to hearing an objective perspective. Sometimes encouragement and support are what one needs to reach their goals.  Individuals who desire help in taking the necessary steps, a Life Coache offers motivation and accountability. A fulfilling personal and professional life is obtainable and it’s easier when a Life Coach is available to assist you. Reach out today to learn more.

How is Life Coaching Different From Therapy?

The simple answer is that Therapists are like archaelogists who help clients dig into their past to address problematic behaviors and realtionships. Life Coaches are like architects who help people design and build the future they desire. Life Coaches serve as results-oriented mentors who help clients develop important skills, set goals and ultimately change their lives for the better. The major difference between therapy and  life coaching is the focus of the work: therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, where life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals.

About Me

I am a certified and insured Life Coach who graduated from Coach Training Alliance. I have spent almost 28 years in non-profit management and leadership for congregations and seminaries. I have offered pastoral counseling for individuals seeking a better self, those struggling in relationships, and couples as they prepare for marriage.  Although my experience is mainly with congregations, I am open-minded and level-headed when it comes to an individual’s goals and dreams. Wherever you are in life is where we will begin and we will work together for you to reach your desired destination. Anything is possible when one puts their mind and heart into the process. Hard work is necessary but it’s much easier to accomplish if you have someone who believes in you and serves as your coach in the process.  Reach out to me today to for your free 30 Minute Session!

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